With my second baby on the way, I’m preparing for maternity leave round 2. This time it’s a little bit different, as I’m already a mum to a gorgeous (and very energetic) 18-month-old. 

I also have the beauty of hindsight, having experienced a maternity leave in the past already. So my expectations are a little bit different this time around! 

So if you’re getting ready for your first maternity leave or subsequent maternity leave and you’re wondering how to prepare for maternity leave or if it’s even possible to step away from your daily work while keeping your business running smoothly, then read on. 

I’m going to share a bit about my first maternity leave and what I’m doing differently this time to prepare my business and my life for bub’s arrival!

How I’m preparing for my second maternity leave as a mum of 2


Elise Maternity Photo with Archer

In this case study, I’ll dive into how I was able to increase my Instagram following by 58% and engagement by 14% in just 60 days. I’ll examine the types of content I shared, what got the most engagement, and what other strategies I used to drive results.

Case Study: How I Increased My Instagram Followers by 58% in Just 60 Days

Social media

I chat with Elizabeth McCravy about how she’s built a sustainable multi-six-figure business as a Top Showit Designer.

How Elizabeth McCravy Built a Sustainable Multi-6-Figure Business as a Showit Designer


If your last launch was a total bust, you may have been missing the all-important pre-launch phase. This is where you build anticipation and excitement around your offer before you officially launch it.

In this blog post, I’m going to take you through the most important elements of a successful pre-launch campaign that you need to include in your launch plan.

How to Create a Successful Pre-Launch Campaign: 6 Steps You Need to Know

Business, Email marketing, Launching

How to nurture your email subscribers in the lead-up to your course or digital product launch

How to Nurture Your Email Subscribers in the Lead-Up to Your Launch

Copywriting, Launching

Your ultimate guide to growing your email list, so you can launch your offer to ready-to-buy dream clients and students.

How to Grow Your Email List in 2024

Email marketing

If you’ve ever tried to launch a new digital product or course, then you know it can be a long process. You need to create the product, write all of the copy to promote it, create design mockups, and any other marketing collateral. You also have to market it — and sometimes that involves sales […]

How to Run a Cash-Injecting Beta Launch for Your Online Course

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One of the most effective ways to increase sales and boost your credibility is with testimonials. The right testimonial can make potential customers feel like they know, like and trust you. Testimonials are a form of social proof. Most of us need validation from other people before making important decisions – like buying a product […]

My Secret Strategy for Getting Killer Testimonials Ahead of Your Next Launch

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In this guide, I’ll walk you through an in-depth launch plan, from pre-launch to cart close, so that you can finally have that super-profitable launch you’ve always dreamed of.

10 Steps to Creating a Profitable Launch Plan for Your Online Course or Digital Product

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In today’s episode, I’m chatting with Cali Waege from the Halcyon Hive about using Pinterest to put fuel on the fire of your marketing endeavours. Cali is the owner and Pinterest strategist behind The Halcyon Hive™. She helps service providers and product sellers increase traffic, client leads, and sales using Pinterest. We chat about… Connect […]

Using Pinterest to generate hot leads in your business


When my clients come to me, their course sales have either plateaued or decreased from launch to launch. They know something isn't working but they can't quite put their finger on what that is, or they don't know how to fix it. I help them optimise their launch so they can finally have consistent, predictable high-income launches.

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