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Because I believe conversion starts with connection, and the power of copywriting is what helps you do just that – it's words infused with personality, backed by deep research and peppered with original stories that elicit a resounding “me too!”

This is what opens the hearts (and wallets) of the right clients and repels the wrong ones. If you want words that do the heavy lifting for you, you’re in the right place. 

truth be told, i'm here for the...

heart-led humans.

rule breakers.

one-of-a-kind founders.

connection seekers.

Ready to skyrockets your sales?

Want your offer to be the go-to in your niché?

Ready to attract aligned students?

AND IT BEGINS HERE with a single word – yes.

But your time is best spent showing up as the expert you are – not spending hours, days, ahem, weeks, staring at a Google doc. What if someone could write words that sound more “you” than if you wrote them yourself? It’s possible.

You need words that sell.

YES. YES. YES. yes. yes.

yes. yes. yes. yes. yes. yes. yes. yes. yes.

written-for-you words are just a click away

content creation

delight & engage leads with consistent


starting from

If you want to completely handoff your content creation... we'll do all of it for you with DFY monthly content (strategically created to meet your goals) delivered to your inbox each month for you to hit "schedule" (we're talking blog posts, email newsletters, and even social copy and direction if you like!). 


If you've got the "writing" thing down pat but simply need someone to come up with the ideas, we'll prepare a content calendar with titles, hooks & outlines - all you (or your team) need to do is flesh it out!

Monthly Content Creation Inclusions:

If you feel like you keep ghosting your audience because you don’t have the time to create content or simply don’t know what to say, this is for you. We’ll strategise & create engaging content that aligns with your goals so you can exhale, knowing all of that “content” stuff is handled (and optimised to convert!), and get back to what you do best.

Perfect for coaches & course creators who want to consistently nurture their audience


sales message makeover

convert more students with a


available for

Detective-style research into what's working and what's not... (we're talking surveys, competitor analysis, and more) so we can diagnose the conversion holes [psst: this is our secret sauce!]

A Sales Messaging Guide (think objection-busting messages, refreshed value prop, tweaks to make your offer a no-brainer without throwing in more bonuses, and much much more)

A Funnel Optimisation Report with a step-by-step list of exactly what messages to put where to increase conversions, and tidbits of rewritten copy for you to plug into your sales page or email sequence

2 Weeks of Voxer Access, so you can get all of the support you need as you implement the recommendations

Sales Messaging Makeover Inclusions:

You've had successful launches in the past but lately, you've hit a plateau. You know the problem isn't your offer, because your students get stellar results. And you're getting eyeballs on your program... but it's just not converting like it used to.

You know you need to sharpen your sales message so you can cut through the noise and get more of your ideal students whipping out their wallets the moment your cart goes live.

PERFECT FOR coaches & course creators who want to close the gaps that are keeping people from saying “HECK YES” to their program



connect & sell with conversion


starting from

60-Min connection call, so we can dive deep into your brand, offer, and what makes you the go-to expert in your niché

Detective-style research and discovery that ensures your copy converts because it's based on data (incl. market research and competitor analysis) [psst: this is our secret sauce!]

Sales Messaging Guide (think value prop, no-brainer-offer breakdown, objection-busting messages, expert bio, tons of storytelling angles you use for social content, and more)

Long-form, conversion-driven sales page (optimised for SEO)

Up to 20 promo emails (includes (optional extras: social copy, landing page copy, etc)

2 x rounds of revisions and 1 x live editing session

Optional extras:
Launch Marketing Calendar, so you know exactly what to say every single day of your launch (and pre-launch)

Social copy and/or landing page copy

Launch Copy Inclusions:

You’ve DIYed your launch copy with a template in the past and it's worked. You've got students in your program and it is converting every time you launch it (fan-freakin'-tastic).

But now, you're ready to up the ante. You want to bring in as many sales as you can without having to grin and bear a 1-2% conversion rate (you're not satisfied with being average 😉).

And you know expert-crafted and personality-packed copy is the missing piece that'll make it happen.

And me? Well, I'll make it happen for you minus all the bro-marketing sleaze and without the generic content other coaches are blasting.

Ready to stand out?

Perfect for coaches & course creators who want to make more sales from their live launches or evergreen funnels


Now it's time to put pen to paper. We strategically organise, edit, and review your message, so it's designed to convert the right people again & again.

03. Writing

Next, we develop your one-of-a-kind Brand (& Offer) Messaging. This is the personality-packed stuff that makes you stand out from the crowd.

02. Messaging

Every project starts with a deep dive into your brand and your customers. This ensures we ONLY create copy that we know will create a magnetic connection with your dream clients.

01. Research

my approach

When my clients come to me, their course sales have either plateaued or decreased from launch to launch. They know something isn't working but they can't quite put their finger on what that is, or they don't know how to fix it. I help them optimise their launch so they can finally have consistent, predictable high-income launches.

Copywriter, launch strategist, & chief rosé taster helping coaches & course creators make ever-increasing sales

Hi, I'm ELISE.

meet your go-to copywriter


“Nobody gets my voice like Elise does. There is no one I feel more comfortable handing something so personal as my copy over to than her. She really takes the time to get to know you and your business."


“Elise goes above and beyond, is detail-oriented, and she really cares. I feel so taken care of when I hire her for a project. I trust her 100% and she always delivers.” 

emily osberger

“Elise exceeded my expectations with my sales copy. I know the investment I made will be made back many times over, very quickly.”

their words.

ready to pen your words?

the time is now

Welcome, friend! Let's increase your conversions and make way more sales!