One of the most effective ways to increase sales and boost your credibility is with testimonials. The right testimonial can make potential customers feel like they know, like and trust you. Testimonials are a form of social proof. Most of us need validation from other people before making important decisions – like buying a product […]

My secret strategy for getting killer testimonials ahead of your next launch

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Your No BS Guide to Your Most Strategic and Highest-Revenue-Generating Launch Yet! It’s time to pull back the curtain on what it really looks like to launch your online course or digital product — to something more than the sound of crickets. 😉 It isn’t enough to simply shoot out a few Instagram posts and […]

10 Steps to Creating a Profitable Launch Plan for Your Online Course or Digital Product

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In today’s episode, I’m chatting with Cali Waege from the Halcyon Hive about using Pinterest to put fuel on the fire of your marketing endeavours. Cali is the owner and Pinterest strategist behind The Halcyon Hive™. She helps service providers and product sellers increase traffic, client leads, and sales using Pinterest. We chat about… Connect […]

Using Pinterest to generate hot leads in your business


In this episode, I’m diving into all things selling on social with Whitney Kay. We talk about… Developing a social media strategy for your business The biggest mistakes Whitney sees business owners making when it comes to creating content for social media Keys to creating consistent content on social media that connects with your ideal […]

Selling on social even if you have a small audience


How do you get seen by the right clients? Marketing, of course! And where should you market? On Instagram? Pinterest? Email? Facebook? TikTok? The list goes on. First of all, I’d like to suggest that you don’t have to (and in fact, shouldn’t) use as many platforms as you can to market, especially if you’re […]

How to get seen by the right ideal clients (& how to actually convert them!)

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On the Expert Status Show, I’m diving into a candid chat with Rachel Green from Intentionally Designed about all things branding, web design, and rebranding.  Rachel Green is an expert at online branding, passionate about bridging the gap between strategy and design and dedicated to educating and empowering you to build a brand that allows […]

A Conversation About Strategic Branding, Web Design, and Rebranding 


As a service provider, I’m always looking to get in front of more of the right potential clients. One way that I do this is by creating consistent weekly content and repurposing it to various platforms. In today’s post, I’m breaking down my process for how I do just this. 1. Map Out Monthly Themes […]

How I Create Consistent Monthly Content to Drive My Business Goals 

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I recently made a HUGE pivot in my business after feeling like it was totally snoozeworthy (aka boring) and just didn’t fit my lifestyle and goals after having a baby. (You can hear all about it in my podcast episode, “How I’m making business fun again”.) Today, I want to pull back the curtain on […]

Behind the Scenes of My Rebrand

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In this episode of the Expert Status Show, my friend Hannah Murphy joins me for a candid (and somewhat controversial) chat about the online marketing industry. We chat about… The current landscape of the industry Things that have gotten lost over the last few years that we believe are really important Business foundations that have stood the […]

Controversial opinions about the marketing industry with Hannah Murphy

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I was scrolling through Pinterest when I saw it — freakin’ captivating content from another copywriter. I couldn’t look away. Sippin’ my latte, I flicked through tens, if not 100s of posts. The new-ish Pinterest algorithm had me HOOKED. Bravo, Pinterest, bravo. 👏🏼 It could’ve been the caffeine hitting my bloodstream or the constant scrolling, but […]

There’s no “right” way to run your business

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You’re an expert with a one-of-a-kind message. The missing link? Words that sell, minus the sleaze (aka copywriting). Because without the right words, your brilliant offer isn’t going to convert. That’s where I come in... laptop in one hand, sparkling rosé in another - shall we pop the cork and take a sip?

Self-confessed bookworm, chief rosé taster and former PR consultant helping entrepreneurs amplify their story.

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