If you’ve poured your heart and soul into creating a value-packed lead magnet to warm up ideal clients before a course or program launch only to hear crickets when you promote it, you might feel pretty disheartened.

The good news is that the problem isn’t your amazing lead magnet, it’s your landing page and the positioning of your offer.

Why is my lead magnet landing page not converting?


Are you struggling to come up with unique and compelling content for your blog? Or maybe you’re tired of churning out generic posts that aren’t exactly getting the resounding feedback from your audience that you’d hoped for?

In this blog post, I’ll explore how to use AI to craft non-generic blog posts that drive your goals. I’ll also touch on where I believe you need to use your judgement as the expert and how you can edit your posts to make them more compelling for your reader.

How to write binge-worthy blog posts fast with AI (Step by Step Guide)

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As an online service provider or coach, creating compelling website copy and launch copy is at the foundation of your marketing strategy. While you have the option to hire a professional copywriter, DIYing your copy with a template can be a great option that puts you in the driver’s seat (and has some other pretty amazing benefits too!)

In this blog post, I’ll explore the pros and cons of writing your copy yourself with the help of a template, so you can decide which option is best for you!

When to use a template and when to hire a copywriter

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With my second baby on the way, I’m preparing for maternity leave round 2. This time it’s a little bit different, as I’m already a mum to a gorgeous (and very energetic) 18-month-old. 

I also have the beauty of hindsight, having experienced a maternity leave in the past already. So my expectations are a little bit different this time around! 

So if you’re getting ready for your first maternity leave or subsequent maternity leave and you’re wondering how to prepare for maternity leave or if it’s even possible to step away from your daily work while keeping your business running smoothly, then read on. 

I’m going to share a bit about my first maternity leave and what I’m doing differently this time to prepare my business and my life for bub’s arrival!

How I’m preparing for my second maternity leave as a mum of 2


Elise Maternity Photo with Archer

In this case study, I’ll dive into how I was able to increase my Instagram following by 58% and engagement by 14% in just 60 days. I’ll examine the types of content I shared, what got the most engagement, and what other strategies I used to drive results.

Case Study: How I Increased My Instagram Followers by 58% in Just 60 Days

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I chat with Elizabeth McCravy about how she’s built a sustainable multi-six-figure business as a Top Showit Designer.

How Elizabeth McCravy Built a Sustainable Multi-6-Figure Business as a Showit Designer


If your last launch was a total bust, you may have been missing the all-important pre-launch phase. This is where you build anticipation and excitement around your offer before you officially launch it.

In this blog post, I’m going to take you through the most important elements of a successful pre-launch campaign that you need to include in your launch plan.

How to Create a Successful Pre-Launch Campaign: 6 Steps You Need to Know

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How to nurture your email subscribers in the lead-up to your course or digital product launch

How to Nurture Your Email Subscribers in the Lead-Up to Your Launch

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Your ultimate guide to growing your email list, so you can launch your offer to ready-to-buy dream clients and students.

How to Grow Your Email List in 2023

Email marketing

If you’ve ever tried to launch a new digital product or course, then you know it can be a long process. You need to create the product, write all of the copy to promote it, create design mockups, and any other marketing collateral. You also have to market it — and sometimes that involves sales […]

How to Run a Cash-Injecting Beta Launch for Your Online Course

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You’re an expert with a one-of-a-kind message. The missing link? Words that sell, minus the sleaze (aka copywriting). Because without the right words, your brilliant offer isn’t going to convert. That’s where I come in... laptop in one hand, sparkling rosé in another - shall we pop the cork and take a sip?

Self-confessed bookworm, chief rosé taster and former PR consultant helping entrepreneurs amplify their story.

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