As a service provider, I’m always looking to get in front of more of the right potential clients. One way that I do this is by creating consistent weekly content and repurposing it to various platforms. In today’s post, I’m breaking down my process for how I do just this. 1. Map Out Monthly Themes […]

How I Create Consistent Monthly Content to Drive My Business Goals 

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I recently made a HUGE pivot in my business after feeling like it was totally snoozeworthy (aka boring) and just didn’t fit my lifestyle and goals after having a baby. (You can hear all about it in my podcast episode, “How I’m making business fun again”.) Today, I want to pull back the curtain on […]

Behind the Scenes of My Rebrand

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In this episode of the Expert Status Show, my friend Hannah Murphy joins me for a candid (and somewhat controversial) chat about the online marketing industry. We chat about… The current landscape of the industry Things that have gotten lost over the last few years that we believe are really important Business foundations that have stood the […]

Controversial opinions about the marketing industry with Hannah Murphy

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I was scrolling through Pinterest when I saw it — freakin’ captivating content from another copywriter. I couldn’t look away. Sippin’ my latte, I flicked through tens, if not 100s of posts. The new-ish Pinterest algorithm had me HOOKED. Bravo, Pinterest, bravo. 👏🏼 It could’ve been the caffeine hitting my bloodstream or the constant scrolling, but […]

There’s no “right” way to run your business

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I’ve got a confession to make… I’ve felt so uninspired by this whole business thing lately. Seriously bored. It may have something to do with the fact that I have a super energetic 10-month old and barely have any time to do, well, anything 🤣 (mummas, ya feel me?) But I think the problem lies […]

How I’m making business fun again


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Amie Finlayson is an online business strategist & marketing automation specialist for time-stretched, vision-led entrepreneurs + teams. She is the CEO of Ultraviolet MKTG, a marketing automation & business operations agency, and creator of Work In Flow, an 8-week course for service providers who want to better manage their own projects, their client load, and […]

Using automation to simplify your business without losing a human-centered approach


Have you ever gone to write your About page and found yourself frozen at the keyboard? You wonder, “how do I write about my expertise?” and “how do I do it without feeling sleazy, slimy, just plain awkward?” So, you either… spend hours staring at a blinking cursor, scratching your head while fuelling up on […]

How to write your about page without feeling awkward about it!


Alora Rachelle is an expert wedding photographer and educator who believes in strategic marketing and growing a successfully aligned business. She is passionate about living a life she loves and helping others do the same by creating businesses that bring strong brand positioning, marketing and systems that bring balance and healthy boundaries. Here’s what we’re […]

The truth most people won’t tell you about scaling to 6 figures with a newborn


Here’s what we’re covering in this episode: Overcoming writer’s block by researching your dream client. Writing your copy with proven-to-convert copywriting principles and formulas. How to edit your copy like a pro. Connect with Me: Website Instagram Enjoy today’s episode? I’d love it if you could… Post a screenshot on your IG Stories and tag […]

How to overcome writer’s block (5 tips that actually work!)


Ashton Smith is the founder of The Awakening, a platform dedicated to helping women grow a soulful and strategic business through coaching, education, and mentorship. She is a soulful business coach that guides entrepreneurs to align with their vision, embody their CEO role, and thrive in life and business. Here’s what we’re covering in this […]

How to embody your CEO role to build a profitable, strategic business


You’re an expert with a one-of-a-kind message. The missing link? Words that sell, minus the sleaze (aka copywriting). Because without the right words, your brilliant offer isn’t going to convert. That’s where I come in... laptop in one hand, sparkling rosé in another - shall we pop the cork and take a sip?

Self-confessed bookworm, chief rosé taster and former PR consultant helping entrepreneurs amplify their story.

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