It’s been wild in my household lately… For weeks, there hasn’t been a day when someone hasn’t been sick—either me, my husband, or one of our two boys. 🥴 And honestly, it’s to be expected. In Australia, we’re heading into winter. I live at the Gold Coast, so our winter is pretty mild. But the […]

How I Gained 30 New Members with a Low-Key Email Launch

Email marketing, Launching

Ever feel like your newsletter is just a tiny fish in the vast sea of the internet? You’re not alone. But what if I told you there’s a way to make your emails the equivalent of a glittering, neon-lit Vegas sign? You can, and in this blog post I’m revealing how!

How to Make Your Email Newsletters Unmissable (Yes, Really)

Email marketing

15 lead magnets that are working right now to help coaches attract subscribers.

15 High-Value Lead Magnets for Coaches in 2024

Email marketing

Your ultimate guide to growing your email list, so you can launch your offer to ready-to-buy dream clients and students.

How to Grow Your Email List in 2024

Email marketing

In a world of fancy algorithms and ever-evolving social media platforms, email marketing is truly the most reliable way to reach your audience. In fact, email marketing is kinda like having VIP access to your most loyal readers. Because when you send an email, it pops up right in the palm of their hand. Pretty powerful stuff, huh?

In this blog post, I’m uncovering the essential steps to writing a powerful welcome email sequence.

How to Write a Welcome Email Sequence that Turns Subscribers into Buyers

Copywriting, Email marketing

When my clients come to me, their course sales have either plateaued or decreased from launch to launch. They know something isn't working but they can't quite put their finger on what that is, or they don't know how to fix it. I help them optimise their launch so they can finally have consistent, predictable high-income launches.

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