With my second baby on the way, I’m preparing for maternity leave round 2. This time it’s a little bit different, as I’m already a mum to a gorgeous (and very energetic) 18-month-old. 

I also have the beauty of hindsight, having experienced a maternity leave in the past already. So my expectations are a little bit different this time around! 

So if you’re getting ready for your first maternity leave or subsequent maternity leave and you’re wondering how to prepare for maternity leave or if it’s even possible to step away from your daily work while keeping your business running smoothly, then read on. 

I’m going to share a bit about my first maternity leave and what I’m doing differently this time to prepare my business and my life for bub’s arrival!

How I’m preparing for my second maternity leave as a mum of 2


Elise Maternity Photo with Archer

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