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Maybe you’re just starting out with email marketing and you’re wondering where to begin and how to make your emails effective.

Or maybe you’ve had an email list for years but only send emails when you feel inspired, and now you want to be more intentional and strategic.

But right now, you’re stuck, not knowing what to say in your emails or how to say it, and it’s keeping you from making sales.

You’re afraid of being too salesy

You want to sell your offer but worry about coming across as pushy or turning your audience off with overly aggressive sales tactics.

Sending emails regularly feels like a daunting task, and you’re worried about letting your subscribers down by not maintaining a steady flow.

You struggle with consistency

Crafting email content feels overwhelming, and you’re unsure how to engage your audience and drive them to take action.

You don't know what to say

let me guess:

You don't have to be a marketing guru or a copywriter to write effective emails. With the right guidance, you can craft messages that resonate with your audience and drive action.

And yes, you can sell without sounding salesy. All it takes is the right email frameworks and a bit of storytelling and personality (I'll show you how!).

The good news? Nurturing and selling with email can be easy (and effortless).

In fact, you can achieve this and more because you deserve those game-changing results.

your email marketing running on autopilot, with automations that sell 24/7.

Spending countless hours trying to sell on Instagram with little success.

creating emails that feel personal and genuine while boosting your sales.

worrying that your emails are too salesy and turning people off.

a steady flow of emails that consistently nurture and convert your subscribers.

Sending sporadic emails with no clear strategy and seeing little-to-no results.

confidently crafting emails that engage and resonate with your audience.

Staring at a blank screen, feeling overwhelmed about what to write. 


the membership
the membership

inbox to income


An email marketing membership to help you attract quality leads, nurture consistently, and sell on autopilot.

the power of email starts here

it's your choice

Set up automated email sequences that work 24/7 to generate sales and build strong relationships effortlessly.

Develop a strategic plan to send regular emails that keep you top-of-mind and effectively nurture your subscribers.

Master the art of crafting compelling email content that resonates with your audience and drives them to take action.

Transform your email marketing into the most powerful, revenue-generating part of your business.

created to help you attract, nurture, and convert your audience.

your ultimate email marketing resource

what's included


✨ Learn how to attract the right people to your email list—those who are genuinely interested in what you offer and are more likely to convert into customers.

✨ Discover how to craft irresistible lead magnets (and landing pages!) that drive sign-ups. 

✨ Map out a plan for attracting your next 1,000 leads.

Attract quality leads


✨ Create a compelling welcome sequence that creates connection and builds trust right from the start.

✨ Uncover the secrets to writing engaging emails using storytelling and conversion copywriting techniques.

✨Develop a weekly email content calendar so you can stay consistent with nurturing your audience.

Nurture your subscribers


✨ Automate your sales process, so you can generate revenue effortlessly, 24/7.

✨ Design one simple  sales funnel that guide your leads from interest to purchase.

✨ Learn how to write non-sleazy sales emails that provide value to your audience and drive conversions, even if you're not a marketing whiz or copywriter!

Sell on autopilot






✨ Learn how to analyse key email marketing metrics to understand what you should double down on and what you need to improve.

✨ Conduct A/B tests to refine your subject lines, content, and calls to action for greater conversions.

✨Scale your email marketing efforts with what's working, and make more sales!

Optimise and scale

valued at $500

Get the opportunity to be featured (and grow your list!) in our members-only email newsletter, where we promote our members' lead magnets.

Plus, participate in collaborative email swaps to increase your visibility and grow your list.

email features & collaborative email swaps

valued at $390

Access a library of expertly crafted email templates, including welcome sequences, nurture emails, weekly newsletters, reengagement sequences, and launch emails.

Simply plug and play your information into the templates to create your emails quick!

Done-For-You Template and swipe files

valued at $250

Join our exclusive Facebook group for personalised support, email reviews, strategy guidance, and help with content ideas.

Plus, connect with likeminded business owners for collaboration and support.

exclusive inner circle facebook group

plus bonuses

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Save $74 when you pay for an annual membership


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It was wayyyy back in 2016 when I made my first 10 sales from a tiny list of 300, and I realised the power of email marketing.

Since then, I’ve not only sold 500K+ of my own digital products via email but I've also had the honour of working BTS on 5 and 6-figure email campaigns as a conversion copywriter.

I truly believe great email marketing is something all business owners should have access to, no matter their budget. So I decided to make my money-making email framework available inside my membership, Inbox to Income. If you choose to join us, I can't wait to support you!

Copywriter and email marketing strategist helping business owners make (effortless) sales with email

Hi, I'm elise.


kayla, event planner

"Learning from Elise was so easy and fun.
It felt very interactive, she made my questions a priority, and she was my biggest cheerleader."

janelle, interior designer

"Elise was so lovely and more than happy to help where she could. Really made me feel like I wasn't alone and made all info accessible and easy to learn."

hannah, photographer

"Elise's feedback is specific and tangible, she provided helpful examples along the way, and the trainings were both informative and relatable. I felt like I was learning crazy valuable tips while hanging at a coffee shop with a friend."

emma, photographer

"It was so great having personal, expert feedback from Elise. There were moments I felt like I had done the best copy I could and she'd push me to refine it even more to attract my ideal clients. I couldn't have done it without her!"

I'm gonna go right out there and say it: Other email programs are based on the creator's personal experience selling in their own business. This membership is based on my extensive experience BTS of 5 and 6-figure email campaigns for coaches and course creators across various industries—photography, health, beauty, design, SMM, tech, and more.

Inbox to Income isn’t just another email marketing course filled with generic advice; it’s meticulously curated by a seasoned copywriter who knows what truly converts.

Join a supportive community and stay ahead with of latest email marketing strategies

Follow a clear plan to grow, nurture, and monetise your email list

Access proven copywriting frameworks that have been used for 5 and 6-figure email campaigns

Get real-time, actionable feedback from a professional copywriter to improve your emails

the difference

take a look inside

I know it can be daunting to dive into email marketing, especially if you’ve struggled with it before or felt overwhelmed by all the advice out there. But here’s the truth: with proven strategies and real-time feedback, you can achieve results you’ve only dreamed of. And I'll be there to support you every step of the way!

Imagine effortlessly growing your email list, nurturing your subscribers, & monetising your offers with ease.

selling can feel simple.

Dear entrepreneur,

a note from your coach:

Elise H.

No worries! Inbox to Income is designed for both beginners and experienced marketers. The step-by-step frameworks and personalised support make it easy to get started and see results.



While we can't promise specific results, here's what our members are doing: setting up a welcome sequence in a day, creating evergreen launch emails, and growing their list by a few hundred subscribers in just 30 days. The step-by-step membership allows you to jump into the parts you need most.



The membership is perfect for coaches, course creators, and service providers who want to harness the power of email marketing to connect with their audience and sell their offers with automated emails and weekly email newsletters. 



your questions,

Absolutely. While my goal for the membership is that you would stay and tap into ongoing feedback on your emails month after month so you can refine your email marketing and increase conversions, I don't want you to feel like you have to stay inside the membership if your goals have changed.

If you want to cancel, email and let us know.



You bet there is! I believe so strongly in the transformative power of the strategies inside Inbox to Income that I'm offering you an unconditional 7-day money-back guarantee. If, within the first 7 days of your membership, you discover that Inbox to Income doesn't meet your expectations or help you grow your email list as you expected, simply reach out to, and my team will swiftly refund your entire membership fee, no questions asked.

Is there a refund guarantee?


Yes! One of our members' favourite things about Inbox to Income is the real-time feedback you receive from myself and my team, as conversion copywriters. Got a question about an email you drafted? Pop it in the group and we'll help! Need an evergreen sequence audited? No worries, we'll cast our eyes over it and give you pointers on what to fix to increase conversions. 
Basically, we really freakin' care about you and we've got your back.



You expect immediate results without putting in the time and effort to learn and implement email marketing strategies.

Don’t have a product or service that already converts. Email marketing can amplify your business growth, but it can’t fix fundamental issues with your offer.

You're looking for a completely done-for-you solution without any involvement in creating or personalising content. While the program provides templates and frameworks, active participation and customisation is necessary for success.

this isn't right for you if:

You’re a coach, course creator, or service provider serious about leveraging email marketing to attract high-quality leads, nurture consistently, and make sales. 

You have something to sell, and you know it converts. You want to amplify your sales, reach more people, and increase your revenue by leveraging effective email marketing strategies.

You’re tired of generic advice and wish you had tested and true email frameworks and step-by-step guidance to ensure your emails convert.

You’re excited about receiving personalised feedback on your emails and being a part of a supportive group of like-minded business owners to share ideas, get feedback, and stay motivated.

this is perfect for you if:

Whether you're starting from scratch with email marketing, have built a list but haven't nurtured it, or are a seasoned email marketing wanting to optimise your efforts, this is the membership for you.

Inside, you'll learn how to attract quality leads, nurture consistently, and sell on autopilot.

This is for you if you're a coach, course creator, or service provider who wants to make more sales with email marketing.

the time is now

So let's get real for a moment...

✨ If you’re ready to finally turn your email list into a reliable revenue stream that makes money for you around the clock need Inbox to Income.

If you’re in, I can’t wait to share ALL of my proven resources with you, and come alongside you to make this happen!

Oh hiii. 👋 If you've read this far down, then I know you know the power of email marketing to drive connection and sales.

Month-to-month payments, cancel anytime




Save $74 when you pay for an annual membership


annual payment of

Best Value

are you ready to make money with email?



Got questions? Unsure? Reach out: