PPST: YOU CAN - with the Dream Client Conversion System inside The Conversion Copy Club.

What if you could become the number 1  choice for your dream clients

...without pitching in Facebook Groups, sending cold DMs or spending 28+ hours marketing on instagram every. single. week.

THE YOU WHO CHARGES WAYYY HIGHER PRICES because you're wildly in demand

THE YOU works with only dream clients

the you who gets "omg, i need to work with you" dms on the daily

Now it’s time for that next-level version of business you.

You’ve come a long way since those humble business beginnings and you should be damn proud of yourself. :) 

…and packing up shop and heading back to your cold corporate cubicle where the only way to get through the day is chugging mug after mug of that instant, chalky brown stuff that’s a sad excuse for caffeine…

good stuff

The difference between all of that

hanging out in allllll the popular Facebook Groups, sharing your expertise and pitching to potential clients? ...DOUBLE NOPE.

buying the prettiest website template going around and loading your sweet new branding photos into it? ...NOPE.

creating a solid social media strategy, posting Reels every day, and growing an audience of raving fans? ...nope.

Because while these things have their place. 

They’re only part of the equation.

And unless you’ve got the skill of conversion copywriting under your belt (aka the ability to convert dream clients to the sale)

All of your marketing efforts will, at best, be times you wish you’d never “wasted”.  

…and at worst, leave you hanging up the business boots and pressing *delete* on this whole business-owner experiment you’ve poured your heart, soul and sanity into for the past few years… 

- on your terms

You started your business to get paid

You bought a domain, threw up a basic website and posted in a few business Facebook groups, with the Jasmine Star Show on repeat in your earbuds… 

Ready to be the next success story everyone would rave about on their podcast shows… 

Not the private-jet-setting entrepreneur wearing head-to-toe Gucci as she heads off on her third trip to Tulum in six months.

While that wouldn’t be bad, it’s neither here nor there for you.

You’d rather be the entrepreneur who’s always booked out with dreamy clients, has a loyal team who are more like friends than employees, takes Fridays off for whatever-the-heck she feels like (massage, lunch, working on a fun project – uh, heck yes!) and who can fund her own maternity leave for as long as she needs to, no problemo.

But things haven’t quite worked out that way.

Because while you’re running a business and bringing in cash – you’ve known for a longgggg time now that you’re just scratching the surface. 

You’re starting to doubt whether it will ever actually happen…

That you’ll get to clink champagne flutes to wildly successful conversion rates – the kind that sees every dream client knock on your door. The kind that those other experts have but that your marketing efforts just never seem to be able to achieve.


isn’t it about time dream clients started to choose you and only you?

With the thousands of hours, skipped family dinners and countless cups of oat-milk lattes you’ve drunk on your way to becoming a freakin’ boss at what you do...

...to grow a team so you don’t have to sacrifice time with your toddler  

...to double your prices (cheers!) 

...to enjoy the sweet *ding* of Stripe notifications, on repeat 

for your dream clients

You deserve to be the number 1 choice

You deserve all 👏 of 👏 this 👏

But no matter how much of a pro you are at what you do, if you can’t communicate that to the people who’ve got the wallets to pay you, then they’re going to keep choosing your competitors over you. 

Which means – uh, I don’t think I have to remind you what that means… 

hint- there is!

What if there was a way for all of that stuff to FINALLY become a reality?


...so you never have to hustle to convert clients ever again.

The ONLY system you need to become the number 1 choice for your dream clients

The Conversion Copy Club



I changed my messaging and have seen over 18 weddings booked since using the system!

Since Using the System

18+ Weddings Booked


Within the first 24 hours of launching my new website, I had a couple book me for my biggest package (which was a big deal as I'd just raised my prices!)

In 24 Hrs of Launching

Sold Her Highest Package

Here's what's going down inside the Club...


→ Surprisingly Simple Research System that you to conduct research like the pros in 72hrs flat

→ No-Fail Script that gets ideal clients (almost) pulling out their wallets just to do market research with you!

→ The exact Client Conversion Questions I use in research for my 6-figure-generating clients (these are your keys to extracting conversion-worthy language!

get immediate access to:

You'll extract swipeable words and phrases directly from your ideal customers’ mouths using our signature Client Connection Method, so you can write copy that connects instantly even if you’re not a good writer.

Connect with your dream clients, instantly

Module one

→ Stand-Out Brand Questionnaire that quickly allows you to dig out what makes your brand unique

→ Fill-in-the-Blanks Brand Messaging Guide so you can have every element of your irresistible brand quantified in one handy document, including your Mission Statement, Core Values, Value Proposition, Brand Voice, Brand Storylines and more

In this module you'll get access to...

Communicate why dream clients should choose you using a unique Brand Messaging Guide... so you never have to compete with anyone else ever again!

Stand out from the competition

Module two

→ Simple 5-Step System for positioning your offer as utterly irresistible (Psst: this allows you to charge way more $!)

→ The "You" Factor - How to Craft Your Unique Method 

→ The Simple No-Brainer Guarantee

→ Secret Strategy for Killer Testimonials (learn why your testimonials have fallen flat before and how they can increase your page conversion rate by making 3 simple changes!)

In this module you'll get access to...

Use the Powerful Positioning Playbook to expertly communicate the value of your offer  without sounding salesy, slimy or desperate.

Position Your Irresistible Offer 

Module three

→ Time saving, Plug-and-Play Templates for every page of your website, so you can quickly write words that connect and convert even if you’re not a good writer (say goodbye to staring at a blank Google doc for hours on end!)

→ Home Page Plug and Play $247 value
→ About Page Plug and Play $247 value
→ Services Page Plug and Play $297 value
→ Sales Page Plug and Play $297 value
→ Landing Page Plug and Play $247 value

→ 6-Figure Client Copywriting Examples for every page of your website, across multiple industries, so you can draw inspiration from the pros. $97 value

In this module you'll get access to...

Use proven-to-convert conversion copywriting formulas and templates to take dream clients from viewers to buyers.

Convert the sale

Module four

→ The No B.S. Website Editing Checklist that helps you cut out the fluff in less time

→ Go Live Site Launch Checklist so you can press “publish” on your website with confidence 

→ 60-Min Monthly Website Success Tester... How to quickly track your website conversions and know exactly what to tweak and change, month after month! 

In this module you'll get access to...

The easy editing system for when you need to publish your copy on a time crunch.

Edit, Publish and Optimise for Consistent Sales

Module five

Module five

14+ fill-in-the-blanks emails (welcome, sales and onboarding emails)

Email Swipe File Library

plug and play

$997 Value

Connect with others and ask all of your burning questions

Members-Only Slack Community

we've got your back


Plus these client-converting bonuses...


Get our team’s eyes on your words up to 4 times per month (aka a personal video audit of whatever copy you’re writing with a 48-hr turnaround) – that’s 1:1 level support at a tiny fraction of the price of hiring a pro.

of the Price

At a Fraction

Pro Copywriter Support

Copywriter in Your Back Pocket Audits


pay monthly, cancel anytime

$97 per month

Starting at just

SAVE $167 and join now

ENTIRE DREAM CLIENT Conversion System 

Plug-and-Play WEB COPY Templates

1:1 Copy Audits

Members-Only Slack Community



+ more!


Starting at just

The Conversion Copy Club is the ONLY system you need to become the number 1 choice - you in?



1:1 Copy Audits

Members-Only Slack Community



+ more!

pay monthly, cancel anytime

$97 per month

Starting at just

SAVE $167 and join now

ENTIRE DREAM CLIENT Conversion System 

Plug-and-Play WEB COPY Templates

1:1 Copy Audits

Members-Only Slack Community



+ more!


Starting at just

The Conversion Copy Club is the ONLY system you need to become the number 1 choice - you in?



1:1 Copy Audits

Members-Only Slack Community



+ more!

7 Day Money Back Guarantee

With 200+ smiling students & clients who are seeing results, I know you’re going to love the Conversion Copy Club...

But, for whatever reason, if you don’t feel like you’re any closer to writing copy that converts your dream clients on repeat, send an email to Jayme at hello@elisehodge.com.au within 7 days of joining and we'll refund every dollar of your initial payment, no questions asked!

I felt SO frustrated every time I’d hear a business owner say they were always missing out on dream clients to everyone else... 

...because I knew they weren’t in a position to spend thousands of dollars each month to hire a conversion copywriter to make sure all of their marketing ACTUALLY converted.

So I transformed the EXACT system I use to write 6-figure-generating conversion copy for my 1:1 clients into my Dream Client Conversion System - a step-by-step process that business owners can follow for themselves. 

Now, this system is yours. You in?

Hey, I'm Elise



You have questions,
I have answers


how do i know if this is a good fit for me?


Here are the types of people who are making conversions happen inside the Club :) 

9-5ers who are hustling on their biz on the side and want to launch into their business with a BANG!

Business owners who have just started but aren’t reaching the sales goals they’ve dreamt of

Business owners who’ve been going at this thing for a while now and are working with clients but want to level up from working with just any old clients to their absolute dream clients 

…Basically, wherever you are at, you really can’t lose out when you’re following a system that allows you to become the number 1 choice for your dream clients. :) 

Is copywriting really thaaaaaat important? What about Instagram, TikTok, YouTube or Pinterest?


Unlike Instagram, TikTok, YouTube or Pinterest, copywriting isn’t a marketing tool. It’s a foundational skill which (fyi) you’re ALREADY using wherever you write words (#fact). Copywriting is simply words that compel people to take action. The question is: are your words compelling enough? Because the answer to that question determines your ability to convert ideal clients again and again. So yes, copywriting is damn important. Learn the skill of copywriting and everything you write (wherever you write it) will convert. 

I’ve heard that writing copy is a painful, overwhelming process – is that true?


I completely understand why you might think this. Because the notion of “writing” paints a picture of someone sitting at their laptop quickly filling a Google doc with paragraph after paragraph of catchy words… which suggests that you’ve got to be ultra creative and good with writing in the first place! And if you’re not, well it’s going to be SO painful and you’re going to stare at a blinking cursor for hours on end. Ugh.

BUT – here’s where I’ve got to apologise, on behalf of copywriters and the marketing industry at large. Because we’ve done you a HUGE disservice by constantly talking about writing copy without even explaining what that means! Because the notion of writing copy is actually somewhat of a false idea. In reality, a more accurate description would be assembling copy. You’ve just got to know what the right pieces are and be able to put them in the right places… which is EXACTLY what I show you how to do in The Conversion Copy Club using my Simple Conversion Copy System.

In short: writing copy isn’t painful or overwhelming if you’ve got proven, repeatable strategies and templates at hand. 

How can I be successful at writing conversion copy if I’m not a pro writer?


While I don’t know if you have the ability to write a great novel, song or script for a show – I do know that you have the ability to write copy that sells. Why? 
You know WAY more about your business and offer than ANY copywriter EVER could. 
You know more about your ideal customer than ANYBODY else! 

Copywriters spend a LOT of time getting an understanding of those things ^^ – that’s the hard part. Writing is actually the easy part. There’s just no way a copywriter could ever have the level of in-depth understanding and insights that you’ve gained from your unique experience (and I say that as a copywriter!). 

As the business owner, you get to take the shortcut that us copywriters don’t. In Module 1 of The Conversion Copy Club, I’ll show you exactly how to take advantage of this so you can write copy that connects even if you’re not a good writer. :) 

What makes The Conversion Copy Club different from other copywriting programs? 


Short answer: It’s so much more than quick and dirty templates (although we've got them too)

Long answer: I’ve had my ear to the ground for a lonnnnnnng time now, listening in to exactly what business owners want – what they believe would give them 100% confidence that their copy would convert. And no, the answer wasn’t templates. 

Sure – it came up a TONNE of times – so you best believe me when I say I’ve included every single one of the templates I’ve used to write six-figure-generating web copy for my 1:1 clients.

But ima keep it real… ANY copywriter could give you their templates. And sure, they’d be worth their weight in gold. 

But after all is said and done (ahem, written), how do you know that you know that you KNOW that the copy is actually good?

You get a copywriter to give you feedback – that’s how. And that’s exactly what we’re doing with the Copywriter in Your Back Pocket copy audits inside The Conversion Copy Club. This allows you to never have to guess whether your copy sounds (or is structured) right again!

Will I be supported? 


Like I said above, when you join The Conversion Copy Club, you don’t just get my step-by-step roadmap for writing copy that doubles your conversions (and then some), or the 6-figure-generating templates I’ve used for my 1:1 clients – you also get access to me and my team as your in-house copywriting strategists. That means that we will personally audit your copy (website, emails, social copy, you name it!) every single month for as long as you remain a member. 

You also get access to Copy Hour Coworking Sessions, meticulously designed for this outcome: so you can walk away with the written copy that can triple your investment in The Conversion Copy Club after you hit “publish.” 

Plus, you’ll be added to our members-only Slack Channel – where you can ask all of your burning questions as you go through the process. 

Basically, we’re giving you all the support you could ever need. :) 

Is it really risk free?


Yep! I don’t want you to foot the bill unless The Conversion Copy Club really is the missing link between you and doubling your website conversions.

That’s why I’m giving you my Conversion Guarantee – a FULL 7 DAYS to put the plan into action before making a final commitment. If you do the work and decide this course is not right for you, just let us know and we will refund your investment.